Inspired through games and the competitive scene we created Manatee. Manatee is a professional apparel brand created by gamers which provides high quality jerseys and merchandise for both individuals and (semi-)professional eSport teams. The team behind Manatee exists out of multiple dedicated and highly motivated people: Christiaan Tulleners – Chief Executive Officer, Sales Jente Vets – Social Media Manager Ruben Bammens – Customer Support Teun Verhaert – Designer Casper Coomans – Designer Ward Muys – Designer Niels Wouters – Designer Via Manatee, we give something back to the community and the eSports scene which we all love. We want to help and invest in organisations to make eSports grow even bigger. We highly value our client relationships and try to stand as close as possible to our clients and partners. This way we ensure that they are 100% happy with our products and services. Through these close relationships we also maximize our resources to help teams and organisations grow in the eSports scene. The launch of the official Manatee gaming wear collection was a milestone for us. This way we prove to our partners and most importantly to ourselves that we are a reliable partner and established value in the esports scene. We still have a lot of work to do and big plans for the future, but we already want to thank everyone for their support. Manatee is not only the 7 guys behind the scenes, but also our clients, partners, fans, followers,… overall: every single one of you! Empower your skills, empower your team!